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      首页 ->产品展示 >> JWTQ(JWZTQ)型锻钢阀门试验台,锻钢阀门测试机









      3.1/JWTQ-50型 阀门公称通径与公称压力试验范围
      The test range of valve nominal diameter and nominal pressure for JWZTQ-50 model
      3.2/JWTQ-100型 阀门公称通径与公称压力试验范围
      The test range of valve nominal diameter and nominal pressure for JWZTQ-100 model


        1/ JWTQ/JWZTQ型 (潜水式)液压阀门测试台技术性能与特点

              ● 适用于小口径法兰、焊接式、内外螺纹式锻钢等阀门的压力性能试验,

      完全符合GB/T 13927-2008、JB/T 9092-99、API 598要求;
      ● 兼备夹爪抱压式与顶压压紧式工作,将试验工件沉入水箱中,
      ● 系统内配置高、低压水泵供压装置,试验介质循环贮存使用;
      ● 试压介质为水、气,由用户任意选择;
      ● 在测试水或气的保压过程中,被试阀腔内有较高的压力情况下按任何一个按钮都不工作,
      ● 本机设有液压自动卸荷系统,使用时,高压状态与卸荷状态自动切换,有效降低了油温,
      ● 设有试压安全保护装置;
      ● 可订配电脑检测数据管理系统。
      Technical performance and feature
      ● It's suitable for the pressure performance test of the small bore flange type, welding type,
      internal and external thread type forge steel valves, fully meet the GB/T 13927-2008, JB/T 9092-99,
      the API 598 requirements.
      ● It has the grip pressure hold and top press clamp type operation. Sink the test parts into the water tank,
      which can lift up and down, especially suitable for gas pressure test, with the simple operation and use.
      ● The system equips with the high and low pressure water pump device to be used for
      the test medium circulation storage.
      ● The pressure trial medium is water, air and kerosene that can be selected freely by users.
      ● During the course of presseure protection of water or air test, any button can not work under
      the condition of which the tested valve cavity has high pressure, it can work nornmally until leaking
      the pressure to no pressure (make sure safety while working).
      ● The test bench is equipped with an automatic oil pressure discharge system. As it is used,
      a high pressure condition and pressure discharge condition can be changed over to effectively
      reduce the oil temperature, elongate life of the test bench and save energy.
      ● It sets the pressure trial safe protective device.
      ● It can match with computer detection data management system.
      2/ JWTQ(JWZTQ)型 (潜水式)液压阀门测试台(外观示意图)
      JWZTQ type diving hydraulic valve test bench (outline schematic figure)

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